Art Heroes with JPH

Guest: Musician Andrew Thelston

September 13, 2022 Johanna Patrice Hagarty / Andrew Thelston
Art Heroes with JPH
Guest: Musician Andrew Thelston
Show Notes

Andrew Thelston is a high energy rock n roll artist from Asheville NC. One could describe his sound as guitar-heavy rock combined with funky grooves and soaring vocals.  Drawing on influences such as Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and Queen, Andrew Thelston creates futuristic rock n roll which echoes the past. Not only does he showcase his virtuosity as a guitarist and vocalist,  he uniquely displays his evolving talent as a songwriter and producer on his albums, EP’s and latest single “Time”.

Over the past 5 years,  the Andrew Thelston Band has been captivating audiences across the south-east with their high energy funky rock n roll. Bassist Roddy Wilder and drummer Jeff Lott create a rock solid rhythm for Andrew to lay vocals and guitar upon.  In 2019, Thelston had his original music featured on the hit Netflix show

“Guitar-heavy rock that takes in late 1960s psychedelia, blues influenced solos, and occasional nods to acoustic folk, all tied together by Thelston's earnest, emotional vocals"-Greenville Journal 

“I can’t wait to hear more from such a talented artist. The future of Andrew Thelston is looking bright”-LOCAL LIVE Magazine

 “Andrew Thelston is one of the hardest working, talented and intelligent artists in the Asheville area”-LSTNIN 

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