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Guest: P.T.P - Peter the Poet

January 17, 2023 Johanna Patrice Hagarty / P.T.P
Art Heroes with JPH
Guest: P.T.P - Peter the Poet
Show Notes

Emcee/Lyricist - NYC to Asheville 

Lyrically potent, exceptionally dynamic, fresh, and forthright - P.T.P aka Peter the Poet is a New York City-raised, Asheville-based emcee on the rise.

Known for his intensely crafted flows, emphatic vocal performance, and intrepid stage presence - P.T.P blazes his own trail amongst his peers. Championing lyricism, vulnerability, and jagged attitude in Hip-Hop - P.T.P's music orbits a precisely woven core of self-celebration, aggro rebellion, relational reflections, and existential woe. His distinct sonic stylings bridge the gap between poets, songwriters, Trap enthusiasts, and Hip-Hop purists - earning him comparisons to acts such as Aesop Rock, Earl Sweatshirt, Homeboy Sandman, Mac Miller, Slug, and more.

His music has been featured internationally on both American and European Hip-Hop blogs - most notably on Upcoming Hip-Hop, OK-Tho, WeLoveThat, & GRNDGD - as well as spotlighted by local/regional outlets AVL Today, Asheville Grit, Mountain Xpress, DOPECAUSEWESAID, 98.1 The River [WNC], WKNC 88.1 FM Raleigh, and 103.3 Asheville FM.

Always striving to be better, and better know himself - P.T.P creates Art-Rap and Alternative Hip-Hop that encourages a pensive mind, a passionate heart, a fine lyrical comb, and an indomitable spirit.
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