Art Heroes with JPH

Free Training: Taking an Honest Look at Goals & Anti-Goals + Project Management

February 28, 2023 Johanna Patrice Hagarty
Art Heroes with JPH
Free Training: Taking an Honest Look at Goals & Anti-Goals + Project Management
Show Notes

Welcome to Art Hero’s with JPH, where we believe art can heal, connect and galvanize.

This is our second episode of our NEW monthly mini- training series with myself, Johanna Patrice Hagarty. 

Each episode will correspond with our Art Hero Group Coaching Program and will serve 3 purposes: 

  • 1st It will serve as additional education for my current students since you can’t teach everything there is to know about a topic in 1hr
  • 2nd: It will serve as a free resource for anyone looking to learn about a specific business foundations topic- because while we all gotta eat- I believe sharing business knowledge with those who need it for free is of value 
  • 3rd: It will give everyone a taste for me, and my coaching style for anyone who may be curious about joining our coaching program or taking a course from me.

Our 1hr group coaching live training takes place the second Wednesday of every month at 11am EST. Members get all replays and a direct line to business experts that can answer your unique business questions in a timely fashion. Vist: www.ArtHero.Biz/Current-Programs to learn more about any of our programs and services. BUT for now, let’s dive in! 

Last month we discussed 3 Tips for getting into the right executive mindset for business (regardless of where you are!)

This month the topic is all about goals and project management. 

Now at the beginning of the year, we are always bombarded with goals and this internal anxiety monster can easily come out (at least in me) feeling like I’ve got to start the year off perfectly right. Well for anyone who knows me and my coaching style, you know that I believe in small changes, aka microshifts- so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Why those are important, and how to manage those. 

We’re going: 

  1. To cover 4 tips to making a good goal
  2. Have an honest conversation about goals and anti-goal setting
  3. 3 Reasons Project Management is important to your business and goals
  4. Review Art Hero’s 4 STAR Components of Project Management 

If Pablo Picasso said, “our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” then I think we can at least entertain the idea of goal setting. 

So grab a piece of paper to take notes, and tune in while we break it all down for you! 

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